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Use these guides, references, examples, and learning resources to install Sensu, integrate with other platforms and tools, and achieve monitoring and observability at scale.

Start building your own monitoring-as-code workflows in three steps. Our fully featured product is free for up to 100 entities!

Sensu observability pipeline

Flexible, automated monitoring-as-code workflows for visibility into every part of your infrastructure. Take targeted actions based on contextualized information and deeper insights.

Sensu integrations

Integrate Sensu with the platforms and tools you're already using to control costs, eliminate data silos, improve observability, and reduce multi-cloud tool sprawl.


Extend Sensu's functionality with plugin executables: checks, handlers, mutators, and event filters. Install any of our many existing plugins or write your own plugins in almost any programming language.

Need help with a specific question?

Ask the Sensu Community in our Slack or Discourse.

Sensu monitoring and observability tools

Automated, repeatable workflow configuration and observation event access. Create and manage resources from the REST API, sensuctl command line tool, and web UI.

Sensu at enterprise scale

Monitor tens of thousands of nodes and process 100M+ events per hour. Scale for complex and distributed infrastructures and high-volume event storage.

Commercial Features

Sensu Go offers commercial features designed for monitoring at scale.
All commercial features are available in the official Sensu Go distribution, and you can use them for free up to an entity limit of 100.

Guides and examples

Step-by-step walkthroughs and workflows for specific observability tasks.

Learn Sensu

Start using Sensu and discover what you can do. Get hands-on and use our fully featured product for free up to 100 entities.